Wednesday, July 27, 2016

13th Ave Realignment Study Survey

Doubling down on Denver planning survey posts, here's the feedback survey for the 13th Ave Realignment project, which affects 13tha nd Holden as they run from the Platte to Federal Blvd, .

That survey closes at the end of the month!

New Denver City Planning Survey


Denver's new planning/development push, "Denver Right" just put out a new handful of surveys here, I think we should all try to give some feedback. 

It seems like the volume of responses might be used to prioritize resources for community improvements. The topics are generally focused on parks, sidewalks, RTD, and
development, and there are some cases where you can place your comments on a map. 

I'm not associated with Denver Right aside from living in Denver, but I really hope our side of town doesn't get sidelined in this round of planning.